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Website Hosting

100% uptime. All the time.

Website Hosting


Do you already have a website?

No problem, we will migrate for you with white glove service.

Your Servers Matter!

We have spent years perfecting our custom server environment to balance performance in relation to price.

The Technical Stuff

Our servers run redundantly in the cloud with our staff monitoring their health all the time.

ESE (Elastic Server Environment)

Our servers expand to provide more power on demand.  No more slowing down as traffic increases.


Runs on multiple servers.  If one goes down, your site still serves to your visitors.

Optimized and Cached (Add-On)

Your photos will be optimized when you upload them so they serve lightning fast.  Your entire site will be cached to be score better on Google.

Our Mission


Our Mission has Earned us 5 stars from our clients?

Our mission is not to just have our servers up but to have them so optimized for speed and security that user experience is vastly improved.

Ask yourself:

      • Do you know what your hosting provider does with your website?
      • Do your speed get throttled down when there is high traffic?
      • And what happens if there’s a “Server Issue”.
      • Can you easily get it fixed?

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service.

No matter who you are, we are there for you!



Answers to Your Questions

Why are We Different?

Other providers jam many different customers into a small server. While that is cheapest for the consumer, the end user experience suffers from slow speeds and server errors, and you lose customers! We operate differently. We limit customers allowed on our servers to keep our quality and customer service at it’s best.

Our server structure is built with security, optimization, and redundancy in mind in the cloud. Our customers get industry leading google page speeds in part because of our superior server philosophy.

Many providers stop at having a server, yes one, some use shared plans on a hoster like Bluehost or Dreamhost. You can be assured we are faster.


How Much Does This Cost?

Plans start at $20/month paid annually.

What Happens When a Server is Not Secure?

Hackers can break in directly to the server and steal all the data on it, including your site without you ever knowing. They can even inject content onto your site that is less than desirable…

That is why it is imperative for your provider to be well versed in server structure, back end security, and hacking techniques.

Priority number one for us is security. We love it and you benefit from it.




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These guys are great! They’ve figured out what business owners need and provide it. What we don’t need are huge up front costs to get a site built.
BCH built our MisterBermuda site, and charge us a very reasonable hosting fee. It’s perfect for the small business owner!

Matthew Walters

Working with the team has been an awesome experience so far! Trustworthy and know what they’re doing! Both of my contacts have been efficient and easy going! A nice change of pace from previous experiences!

Gunnar Peters

Absolutely loved working with this team. They put together a great website and so quickly. They had no issue with me being picky and presented everything so well. Will absolutely recommend them to all my colleagues.

Kari Schroeter

Great Service! Glad I ran into these guys. They built and manage 2 websites for me, I have never had a problem with either site. If I call them with a request, they are right on it! It is getting harder all the time to find a company that gives the response that I need to stay focused on what I do.
Highly recommend.

John Walters

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