Website Assessment

Know where your website is and how to improve it

Why a Site Assessment?

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A site assessment is key in discovering what your users really experience on your site. Most people don’t know how fast their site is or where to find qualified help to give them a true analysis.

You will receive a pdf that accurately tells you how your users truly experience your website on desktop, tablet, and mobile. We also include actionable tips to improve the pain points we uncover.

We are always here to help you or your business fix your website. If you need help with improving your site – talk to us!


What we Show

We will show you statistics on how your site performs as well as potential for improvement. If you get your report back and are confused by anything, don’t worry this stuff is complicated. 

The good news is we’re here to guide you through it. Schedule a call for development, maintenance or hosting services with us.

  • Mobile Site Speed
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Desktop Experience
  • Backlink Profile

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Answers to Your Questions

What is a Site Assessment?

One of our web pros assesses your website for key metrics and compiles a document for you that clearly shows what pain points you have and how to fix them

What Do I Do With the Results?

You can try to fix the problems yourself.


You can leave it to us. We find that most of our customers are not well versed in the language of web design and optimization. We offer end to end web services to make having a killer website easy. Check out our services for more!

How Much Does This Cost?

We charge a flat $75 dollar fee for the time it takes us to research and compile your report. Payment is due at the time of submission and all sales are final.

I’m Not a Web Expert, How Do I Read This?

Web terminology and statistics are an entire field of study that we are very well versed in. If you are not, no problem, but this report may be too dense to digest without help. 

You are welcome to inquire about our other services and we will help you understand your results and how to move forward. Then we will execute the plan for you.


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