Vulnerability Management

How Safe is Your Data

Vulnerability Management

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Data is arguably the most important asset in your business. You have the duty to keep your customers’ data safe and secure. Their trust in your business relies on it.

We take security very seriously. Our server infrastructure is structured in a way that makes us very secure. We host our websites in a secure cloud platform and meticulously maintain the assets on the servers to remove potential vulnerabilities before they occur. 

The world of security is always at odds with hackers, but with our assistance, you can stay a few steps ahead of them at all times.


Answers to Your Questions

What is the Threat?

Hackers use a multitude of attacks on infrastructure to seize valuable consumer information and you have liability if you are hacked.

Some of the attacks we are prepared for are:

– DDOS attacks (brute force)

– Back door tactics

– Attacks against out of date software


How Much Does This Cost?

This is an embedded service in our website and hosting plans. We think security is a top priority and don’t make you pay to secure your data.

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