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Custom Development


We will build you or your company a custom website for a reasonable price. Our websites are custom made just for you. You can be assured that your website won’t be the same template used by competitors.

You can be as hands off or hands on as you want during the development process. You’ll get first class support from us as we really care about building a business relationship – not abandoning you after delivering the product.

We operate exclusively on an as a service model meaning you pay a small fee up front for all the development and deployment of the site. We maintain it for you for a monthly fee.


Answers to Your Questions

Will I Own the Site?

You will own resources that go into the site that you provide and the domain, but not the site itself. The truth is you don’t need to.

Think of this model like renting a car. You don’t own the car, but if it breaks you do not have to take time and money to fix it. You still get the use out of the website with the added benefit of a team of pros that constantly monitor and maintain it.

A website is like a house or a car. It will break without regular preventative maintenance. We make sure you have 100% uptime.


How Much Does This Cost?

A Go Live fee after the site is fully developed and approved and monthly maintenance thereafter. See our pricing page for more information.

What if I Don’t Want Maintenance?

We believe in the maintenance model because it works. We’ve found that owning a site without developer support tends to lead to very large up front cost and headaches when something breaks.


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